I started this blog May 2017 before getting pregnant. I wanted to combine my love for writing with a new venture that I never thought I would begin. I wanted to share my experiences with getting pregnant and carrying my baby to not only connect with other women around the world but offer maybe some sort of comedic relief along the way.

I grew up in central New York in a hick town (Cleveland, and nope not Ohio) where your bus ride was an hour long to school. I met my significant other of 9 years at SUNY Plattsburg and moved down to Long Island upon graduation. We recently bought our first home March 2016 and plan on flipping this short sale and moving to the south in the next 5 years.

Other fun facts! I am a makeup enthusiast and subscribe to countless amounts of subscription boxes. I just can’t stop or help myself. It is really hard for me not to say no to a great deal. I will also never buy anything full price, and if I buy something online and it doesn’t have free shipping, most likely won’t be getting it.

Anyways…I really can’t wait to share these experiences with you and hope that I learn from myself and others as I grow in the next coming months.