The Agonizing Two Weeks

Anyone that is trying to conceive, understands the agonizing wait between the fertile days of her cycle and the hopeful missed period. Not only are you praying to the fertile gods themselves that you are pregnant but all the fun stuff in life has to come to a screeching hault. For me that is the consumption of alcohol.

Before I continue any further let me tell you a little about my journey so far to the path of getting pregnant at 30.

My significant other and I have been together now for 8 years. We bought a house last year and wasn’t thinking about having children for another 3-4 years quite possibly ever. Gynecological health issues that were found during an annual visit is what pushed me to start trying. Basically it was a now or never situation due to higher risks during pregnancy and not being able to carry full term. Though my significant other wasn’t 100% on board with having children he understood the limited time frame as well as the fear of regret and obliged.


So we are currently on the second month of trying to make this happen. There is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to getting pregnant, the first one is that it’s not that easy. Doing research if found that it takes most couples 6-12 months to conceive and that the older you are the harder it gets. Timing is everything and I feel like it’s almost a game of catch me if you can.

The first things that I did were the following: started charting my periods with a app called Ovia Fertility, which I heard from coworkers and close friends that was the best. What I like about this app is that you can not only add when you have your period but it charts basal temperature, moods, symptoms, whether you had sex, cervical fluid, ovulation test results and etc. just to make timing your fertility window with more accuracy.

I also bought a ovulation test kit off of amazon. There is a lot out there and I would assume most of them work the same but mine is called Proven. It comes with 50 ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy tests for under $30. The directions indicate that depending on how many days are in your cycle for example mine in 31 it gives you the day that you begin testing to see if you are ovulating, for me is day 14. The first month I tested I ovulated the exact date that my Ovia app said I was going to. This test is very simple, if you see two lines that are the same color you are having a LH surge which indicates that you are about to ovulate in the next 24-48 hours. If you have a positive test they say that the likelihood of getting pregnant is the most if you have sex that day and the day after, I go the extra mile and do the third day too.

This month though I tested the same way I did, and never got a positive reading. Of course, I freaked out a little bit googled as much as I could about it and freaked out more. Overall, it is quite possible that I never ovulated this month due to the health issues that I am going through down there, or that I missed it. Some people tell you to test twice a day morning and night. This kit tells you to do it in the early afternoon if possible. I work so the earliest I can do it is 6 pm. I can not over analyze anymore about this month. We had sex 4 days before ovulation and three days after…I felt I hit all the bases. But like I said before timing is everything.

The only other habit that I started was taking prenatal vitamins and probiotics. They say that it is important to take these vitamins because it helps with conceiving and if you do get pregnant the health of the new life.

So here a couple of pictures of the app from yours truly.


So yeah here I am now waiting this time around with no positive ovulation test and no alcohol for the next ten days right before Father’s Day. My nipples kinda hurt maybe that’s a sign….although a lot of symptoms kinda mimic you getting ready for your period. Ugh so annoying. If I am pregnant this time around I think I won’t tell him until Father’s Day and make it a surprise! How fun would that be?

Anyways, I will let you guys know.

Oh btw I spoke to my doctor and let them know that I am ttc and they said to not come back to them after I have been trying over a year or until I’m pregnant. so yeah.



Erin Michelle



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